February 13, 2010

sNOw MuCH fUn!

I made these snow kitties after one of the many snow storms we have had here in Virginia. We don't usually get a lot of snow in the South, but this year it has poured down. All together I think we have gotten around 52" of snow.

I have so enjoyed each snowfall. It's so pretty and fun to play in. I purchased an old inner tube tire to sled with, and it has worked well for me. The dogs love the snow too...running, playing and rolling in it.

Have a look at my snowy pictures taken right here at home in the quiet town of Montpelier.

The snow kitties were a first for me...I usually work with sand, but snow works too.

I used some Luma dyes (they don't make this brand anymore, but you can use Dr. Martins) to color them. The dyes are concentrated and water based so it only takes a few drops to get alot of color. I used an old window cleaner bottle as my sprayer.

Snow in Virginia, what a wonderful thing! The birds enjoy it too!