May 10, 2009

In Honour of Mothers...

I have to say...until becoming a Mom myself, I never really understood all that a Mother is. And I say THANK YOU!

Thanks MOM... For being my friend, for providing a HOME.

For all the LOVE that you give... not only to me but to others... children, family, animals, friends and those less fortunate.

For staying up late and waiting in line.
For always attending recitals, rehearsals and plays.
For putting me ahead of yourself.
For picking me up and for taking me HOME.

For letting me grow... make my own mistakes and loving me even more when I do.

THANK YOU MOM...for your support, LOVE and respect.

Mommies deserve to be honored today...they make the world a better place!

May 3, 2009

Spring flowers

Spring is so beautiful this year.... these beauties are all from my yard!

Please forgive my absence from blogging...once warm weather hits...I'm outside. I will be taking some time away from blogging for a little while...but I will be back with more LOVE to share soon!