January 14, 2010

Help Haiti!

I see so much dispair, anguish, and oppression in this photo from a Twitter taken from Mashable.com. I can't even imagine the grief and total desperation that the Haitian people and her communities feel at this moment. Can you imagine not being able to locate a family member after a crisis like this, or walking down a street in your town that is lined with dead?

This imagery is stunning, shocking and it permeates my mind.

Can I make a difference at all? What can I do?

What I will do.... with your help and with the help of others...

If you purchase any item from my shop at ZAZZLE http://www.zazzle.com/leslielovinlife (also see left hand side of blog for link), I WILL DONATE ALL PROFIT FROM ANY AND ALL SALES TO THE RESCUE AND RELIEF EFFORTS FOR HAITI. (I will keep this donation going until I achieve at least $100...hopefully more!)

I hope YOU will donate. You will receive my original photographs on a nice button, print, poster or card for doing so! Please donate if you can and THANK YOU if you do!

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Anonymous said...

Leslie, that is awesome of you. God bless you! I can't even begin to imagine what they're going through over there. It seems so utterly unfair for a people who are so spiritual to have to go through this. I'm glad that at least there has been a massive outpouring of help all around the world.

Thanks for coming by my blog. I was not so on the ball with blogging most of last year and I also hope to be more diligent with it this year, becausee I truly love it. Especially having met so many like-minded people.

I wish you all the very best in your continued non-smokingness!!! It's been exactly one year for me, as of Jan 5th. Looks like you just quit at the same time I did last year, so we'll be celebrating our non-smoking anniversaries at the same time! Keep at it, just keep plodding forward. You can do it. If I did it, you can do it. I smoked up to 2 packs a day for a long time. Feel free to email me on it if you want to! xoxo