April 28, 2011

In His Hands

Making the left turn up the driveway home this evening was not the same. Branches, leaves and twigs lined the road. As I approached I saw more evidence that something had happened here today in my absence.

Trees were snapped in half. I continued up the hill and stopped. All around me there was a YELLOW tint. I went inside and grabbed my camera and started a walk around the exterior of our house...

Our backyard hut was still in tact...I couldn't believe my eyes...a HUGE tree down, broken and layed down. It was as if each segment had been placed neatly on the ground just shy of one of our favorite places to relax.

Amazing! Each massive piece in its place. I saw the path that the wind? tornado? had made...and yet everything was safe...everything had been protected...everything was just as it should be.

And I looked up and said out loud...Thank you God, thank you...I feel your grace upon me. I stand amazed! It was ALL in your hands.

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