May 15, 2011

Casa de las Mariposas-House of the Butterflies-Aruba

I have been so blessed in my travels and in life to see so many of God's beautiful creations and I am thankful. Out of all of His creations...I am drawn to the butterflies, the birds, the animals and the flowers. Their BEAUTY is AMAZING! These photos were taken in Aruba at the Butterfly House...wonderfully beautiful...simply breathtaking!

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Barb said...

Those are really beautiful. I especially like the blue butterfly with the brown wings and darker brown spots.

Leslie Rubio said...

Thanks Barb...that butterfly is found more in South America and you can only see the blue-which is a brilliant turqouise when it flies and opens. When these butterflies land they close their wings to show only the brown. The other brown one that looks like an eye is an owl butterfly-disguising itself in nature from predators.

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