November 19, 2011

On Earth as it is in Heaven

It's been so long since I have posted...not taking the time to write and visit others has become a habit with my blog. it will be in days to come...I hope to come here and say what I feel...give my VOICE a place and share what is inside...

I am thankful for ALL that I have been given...for ALL who have touched my life and who give me LOVE, strength, peace and understanding. Thoughts...ideas...THANKS that I am loved, that I know LOVE...the beauty that IS love...that guides me and shows me ALL that I should know.


LOVe to the family of Wayne Alan Hill, Jr.-a brave young man who left so soon but touched so many

LOVE to the soldiers who arrive home to longing arms of LOVE and tears of JOY...thankful for their safety for the LOVE they give to ALL and the unconditional strength and bravery offered by each one and by their families

HEALING thoughts of peace and comfort to ALL who suffer and endure PAIN, fear, loss

GIVE US HOPE...let your LIGHT shine!

LOVE to sweet new babies, mommies and daddies

LOVE to daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandmothers and fathers, friends, husbands, SONS, babies

SWEET sweet LOVE...PEACE to those who have lost their battle and to those who soldier on

LOVE that passes ALL understanding...GIVE me MORE...give me LIGHT...

Thanks be to GOD...for LOVE for LIFE for ALL that I am, for ALL that I will be.

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