September 27, 2008

Children's Murals

I love to paint on the walls of children's rooms! This particular mural was done for twin baby girls. It was my gift to the new Mom to be who was carrying twins. I started and finished it before the baby girls arrived.

I am usually able to complete a mural like this one in the course of a weekend. I try to get started early on a Saturday and depending on the detail and size of the room, I am able to complete it once Sunday evening hits.

I start by doing a pencil drawing on each wall. From there I mix the colors I will be working with and I begin to paint 1 color at a time all over the room. For this room I was given the color palette to work with and the design. This design came directly from the bedding, curtains and general theme that the Mom had already selected for her twin girl's room.

I enjoyed painting this mural and although the theme was already in place, I was given the freedom to paint and draw as I wanted. The twins are now 2 years old. They wake, sleep and play with FLOWERS dancing on their walls.

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