January 4, 2009

Sharing Christmas...New Year's

Happy New Year! I'm excited to share some of my Christmas and New Year's pictures with you...with my new SLR Digital SONY 350K. (Thanks to my special honey :) for this fabulous Xmas gift)!

I am starting with Christmas~random shots...

~me with Santa sox on that I won in a gift swap~they have a furry cuff on the top and they're oh so warm-love 'em.

~Christmas was spent with family and friends...

~ grey and white kitty and Christmas paper

~my fabulous Tippy cat-she weighs in at 20lbs

Jackie (my gorgeous honey) and I rang in the New Year with my gf Amy and her hubby Phil in Colonial Williamsburg.

Back in October I donated a mural to a silent auction benefit and we bid on and won a week (12/31/08-1/6/09) to a resort in Williamsburg. We toured Jamestown while we were there and took a few strolls around town... my photo journey...


aliceinparis said...

love those Santa socks!!!
I bet you are enjoying your new camera. These pics are great. I am looking forward to more pictures:)

Leslie said...

Happy New Year Leslie,

The socks look warm, I think I need a pair like that.
Thanks, for sharing your pictures.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Beautiful pictures. Love the socks and the kitties! Oh, and that cake looks yummy. Enjoyed your tour of Jamestown. Looks like you had a fun New Year's Eve.

Hope the new year is going well. Can't believe it's already 5 days old.

Happy New Year!



Belle said...

Yeah Leslie - I love those socks too. I reckon you would do a roaring trade in them.
Wishing you much joy in the new year.

Amy Sullivan said...

~That was such a fun ~New Years Eve~
We had a fabulous time~
~Thank You~

Karin said...

Lucky gal - and nice shots!! The striped Santa sock fur cuffed crossed legs with leather clogs gave me a big smile :) and Tippy is looking very satisfied... actually, Jackie's expression is somewhat similar - where they imbibing in cat nip together?!
Thank you for sharing all your holiday fun with us! Blessings in the new year.
xo♥xo Karin

Jenxo said...

oh way cool socks!!

Happy New Year leslie...jenxo

Cinzia said...

Wow, beautiful pictures!!! Happy new Year!
hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see you had "Happy Holidays" Leslie!! Isn't it just lovely having a GOOD camera! Your man is so lovely for getting you something you so obviously love and wanted :)

Marinella said...

Happy New Year, sweet Leslie!!!!!

hippo chick said...

Wonderful pics. The Santa socks are wonderful. Yum! The chocolate cake. Looks like you had a fun holiday season.

~hippo hugs~

lagirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog to comment - that's how I found your Blog...Love your art! I totally relate to Tippy the cat - I'm feeling a bit "stuffed" after the holidays. Doesn't look like Tippy missed any holiday meals either. LOL...I want to visit Williamsburg someday. It's like a lot of fun.

Grandy said...

Oh those are some great pics!!! YAY for the special gift!!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Hi Leslie,
It was so nice of you to visit. I always like to hear from my visitors! You have some things here that I love = kitties, of course, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Williamsburg and of course I'll have a piece of that Chocolate cake! And I forgot Mr. Bob Marley.
I actually retired from performing Flamenco about 8yrs. ago - maybe longer, but I will always love it. It was my life for a very long time. I can see why you are so drawn to it - it definitly attracts people who are passionate!
All the best,

Catherine said...

I love Tippy. She's cute. And cats are supposed to weigh nearly 20 lbs, aren't they?rusno