December 17, 2008


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Everyone is so busy getting ready for Christmas-I know I am. There seems hardly enough time to do everything before the big day.

And so I was thinking that we should all just stop for a moment with the hustle, bustle, hurry and rush and just remember...

Love Your Life

Love One Another

and Believe that you can make a difference, no matter how big or small in someone's life, in your own life, by spreading LOVE everywhere you go. It's easy to do, and it doesn't cost a thing...

Give someone a SMILE, or even a HUG and let them know that you care!
The print above is by artist Catherine Andrews


Scott C said...

Yes. Stop for a moment, or two even. I sure did. As you've seen from visting my blog, I'm going to enjoy this season of Love, happiness, and family more than I have ever I do believe.

Thanks for spreading the word to folks to just chill out for a bit. :)

Bev's Jewelry said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Two times I've been ready for Christmas early. My son's birthday is Dec 12. So, the year he was born and this year I was ready early. We were invited out to celebrate his birthday, his daughter's, Dec 6 and son's Dec 15 birthdays. We just got back from the trip to CA. Incentive works!

bindu said...

That's a nice message. Thanks.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Leslie you always put a light in my life with your beautiful words and art. The poster is stunning very very inspiring.

Love and hugs to you and your family

Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Leslie,

What a beautiful poster, and such an inspiring reminder of the important things in life.

I love your blog! I am so grateful you visited me, so I could come and find you. Thank you. I will be back.

Hugs and blessings,


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, Thank you for your visit and your uplifting comments. Now I come here and am uplifted even more by your words, and by this beautiful angel picture! And the message is just amplified by 100 percent. No, no worries now! xoxo Serena

P.S. Keep on shining your light!

Jenxo said...

Leslie, such a lovely message, life is sooo manic right now, we all need to stop and take breather!! jenxo

Ronnie said...

Thanks for this, Leslie. I needed reminding in a big way.
Lovely angel image.
Your messages are important and having an impact.
Have a happy Christmas.

nollyposh said...

(((hugs))) & sMiLeS X:-) X:-) X:-) to yOu xox