December 3, 2008

All The Little Birds

"Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them." Matthew 6:26

These 2 pics are of my desk at work (yes, this is how I earn a living) so that you can see my view each day. It's a perfect view for having to work inside crunching numbers all day on a computer. And because I am lucky enough to look right outside the window, I put a bird feeder there so that I could see all my little birdie friends all day long!

I quoted the verse above because it says so much about trust. If we just TRUST- All things will work out just as they are supposed to.

You see...the little birds outside my window don't know that I'll be filling up the feeder, yet they still come each day!


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Leslie. I love your verse. It rings so true. What a great idea having the bird feeder right outside. The little birds will really love you for keeping them well fed. My girls loved your firefly story and the lovely artwork you had with it.

Take good care
Hope you and your family are warm and well

Scott C said...

Sounds a bit like you might be saying, Let Go and Let God. A toughy for those of us who might be a tad bit selfish.

Michelle said...

What a great post, Leslie. I love that your feeder is right outside. I have been trying to get my hummingbirds to come to my new feeder. Love watching them!

PS - thank you for all your comments on my blog, I really appreciate them!

Michelle :)

Ronnie said...

Thanks for all the encouragement and sweet offerings of help to my obviously floundering attempt to jump start biddybrain. I'm sloooowly getting there. May call on your expertise for the next upgrade. I enjoyed your post on Trust today and pics very much. Loved seeing your surrounding!
Later gater,

Bev's Jewelry said...

Love that verse. Always think of Sydney Poitier (sp?) and Lilies of the Field.
Nice to have such view for moments away from you work.