August 19, 2008

Flowers in my Blog

In my travels I have been drawn to the island of Jamaica. It is a place where I feel free, where I learn the simplicity of life and where I nourish my soul. I continue to go to Jamaica year after year because I feel so connected to this special place.
I am also a member of a message board where others who love Jamaica-(Negril, Jamaica in particular), come to share their thoughts and experiences, ask questions, plan trips, share pictures and learn about the island.
The flower photos on my blog were taken from my list trip there in July. I have provided a link so that you can visit the board. This particular link is to a post that I made and you can view more photos from my trip. You will see others comments about my post in the link: Keep scrolling down on the page and you can view all of the photos that I posted there. My posting name is irievibes123. More about that another time...

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