August 23, 2008

Loving Our Animals

My kitties are such an important part of my life. I love them both so much. My older kitty, Tippy (calico with white) was rescued from the local SPCA. She was just a kitten when I got her and was the only kitten left from her litter. For some reason no one wanted her. Maybe because she looked "different" than the others. We named her Tippy because of the two white tips on the top of her ears. She is a sweetheart and has a very unique personality, as all kitties do.

My other kitty, Patience (calico with black) was given to me by my dear friend Amy.

At Amy's home she was one of several kitties and she craved love and attention all of the time. She just couldn't get enough so she whined and cried alot. When she arrived at our home we changed her name to Patience from whatever it was before (her previous name escapes me) because we knew that we would need to have "patience" in order to tolerate her constant demand for attention.

When she first arrived, I understood what Amy meant. We loved her, patted her and talked to her and after some time she became content that she was receiving just the right amount of attention and soon stopped with her whining ways.

Animals, like humans, need love and affection. They are just as happy to provide us with the same. I love my kitties and really couldn't imagine my life without them.

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Inbox Ministry said...

Your Pictures are truly beautiful. I'm amazed at how you see the beauty of God's creation that so many seem to overlook. I'm amazed by God's creation too, especially by the sunrise and sunset.

My blog does not have any photos of nature, but plenty of writings about God's nature. I hope you will look and find them helpful in some way.
God Bless You