August 17, 2008


I love flowers. Who doesn't? They are a perfect creation of beauty. They live and die during their brief cycle of beauty; all the while they provide us with vibrant color, bold design, effortless beauty and perfection.

Flowers are universal. Flowers can be given as tokens of affection. They can be given to those who are grieving, to celebrate the union of two people, to beautify an environment or to add color to a space. They are painted, drawn, cut, planted, dried and displayed in so many different places including gardens, landscapes, restaurants, hotels, homes, cars- inside and out. They truly are universal in so many ways.

In my travels through life I have always noticed and loved flowers. In my colorful imagination I have decided to be a flower when I complete my human life cycle. Inside my seed, I will push up through the earth, stretch and grow, reach and burst into a bloom and I will provide beauty to my surroundings and those who notice that I am.

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