November 22, 2008

I'm in the Spirit

The digital camera I am using to photograph my Art isn't the best, but I'm hoping Santa might bring me a better one!
We'll see... Anyway, here are some recent watercolors that I have completed for Christmas so far!

More are on the way...


Amy Sullivan said...

These are WoNderFuL~
I am busy making art today~
~123~ :)

Scott said...

Great work! I got bit by the Christmas bug today. Went shopping, even saw..the big guy of whom you speak. Almost tear up thinking about it. I so look forward to this Christmas. Thanksgiving too! More so than I have in a long time. Loving Myself, more! Loving Life, more! Loving others, more!


ButterCup said...

awwww, you're totally in the spirit! nice :)
I like the xmas tree.

Art4Sol said...

You're in the spirit...lovely madonna. Also enjoyed your firefly story...a happy memory to capture in one of your sweet drawings.