November 29, 2008

Firefly FUN

Growing up in a small rural town back in the 70's, my family lived in an old farmhouse. My brother and I each had our own bedroom. Our house was set back off a winding road in the mountains of Virginia.

The stained wood floors creaked when you stepped on certain boards. There were all kinds of noises that the old house made on it's own.

My bedroom; upstairs, had a secret closet with hidden nooks and crannies. It was a wonderful room with large windows that stretched nearly ceiling to floor. The thick panes of glass had bubbles in them- a method of making glass from a time in the past. Inside the window casings were bricks and ropes that allowed the windows to be lowered and raised.

It was a nice room and a nice place to live. I was a lucky little girl to awaken to a view of mountains and trees from every window.

But when the sun went down and bed time was upon me, my room took on another dimension. It was BIG, DARK and SCARY to me. I imagined ghosts and witches hiding in my closet and under my bed. My room was the perfect spot for the "boogie man" to reside. There were no street lights to light up an outside view. I was scared and felt so small in my bedroom all alone.

On one particular Summer evening as I frolicked outside, I had a fantastic idea. I would collect fireflies, as many as I could possibly catch in the old mason jar my Mom let me use. I filled it up with the glowing creatures and secretly hid them away in my room.

After the bedtime stories were read and I was all tucked in for the night, I quietly tip toed to my hidden glowing treasure and opened the jar. Each wonderful glowing bug flew out into the room, flashing, glowing, flashing, glowing. I had finally found a way to overcome my fear of the dark.

So, here is the watercolor I painted to commemorate that wonderful glowing night in my bedroom where I was set free by the little night lights from above.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Leslie what a wonderful story and pictures you've done. I've just been looking at the photos on your side bar as well They are wonderful and where you live is gorgeous. No wonder you are so full of life and having so much fun with your art.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We don't have it here in New Zealand but at least I know the history behind it. We have peacocks roaming around our farm - they're wild. I'm till trying to get photos of them.

Take care

Jan 4 Insight said...

I remember hunting fireflies when I was a little girl, growing up on the east coast. Thanks for your delightful pictures and story, bringing back those memories!

Anonymous said...

I agree, that is just a wonderful story, you took me right there with you! :)

Leslie said...

Thanks Liz, Jan and Sweetmango for coming on over and reading my firefly post-I appreciate it very much.



bennie and patsy said...

Thanks Leslie for your visit.

Bev's Jewelry said...

Lovely story and drawings.

LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Leslie,

What a lovely childhood memory!

In Jamaica the modern name for fireflies is Blinkies. The old time name was Peeniewallies.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

LuLu said...

Bonjour Leslie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your great comments about my art! Your little paintings are so pretty! Hey, I am quite familiar with Jamaica, spent winter 82-83-84 around Negril paintings signs for restaurants and hotels and having the time of my life. Jamaica Irie for sure! Will come and visit often, please do so too! Have a great week! LuLu

Ronnie Gunn Tucker said...

Loved reading your musings Leslie. Thanks for jogging good memories of lightning bugs, as we call them in the south, and childhood Summers.
I'll post a self portrait of me and my dog watching a firefly, on my blog tomorrow.
Your garden is a wonder! WoW!

Di said...

Oh love this kind of nostalgia. Beautiful and what a lovely way to remember such a story. Beautiful watercolour! Thanks also for popping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours too. I love the feel of your blog.. so lovely.

painter girl said...

Hey Leslie,
Oh did I go back to those days of running around at dusk, my bare feet barely skimming the grass as I jumped up for those lightening bugs.
Your drawing is so wonderful and magical. You must've been a really special girl to think up such a great plan to feel safe in your room.
Only I wonder, what did your mom say?

Leslie said...

Thanks to everyone for all of the sweet comments and for even coming to my site to look and read-I really appreciate it! It inspires me to create more art and to write more too! It has also led me to so many more creative people in the blogging world which is also inspiring!

Gratitude to you ALL!


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Leslie,

I know you have already been given the Marie Antoinette Blog Award but I would now like to give it to you as well.

Also I have created a very special award called the AWESOME BLOG AWARD.
I would like you to have that as well. Look for the post that says AWESOME BLOG AWARD please copy and paste it onto your blog and enjoy it. You can pass it on if you like and you don't have to nominate lots and lots of blogs. I kinda broke the usual tradition and of course the one I have just done for the Marie Antoinette award. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!


Art Lover said...

hi leslie, thanks for the visit. love the firefly post, brings me back to my childhood days when i used to catch them too. they were attracted to the blooming lemon trees we had at our yard. they were like reachable stars!

Jenxo said...

Thanks Lesley, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a message.
I have really enjoyed reading yours and looking at your wonderful art.
'I'll be back!!' jenxo

aliceinparis said...

Hi Leslie, Lovely story! It would make a great children's book. How lucky you were to grow up in shuch a place!!
Cheers, Shelagh