October 11, 2008

Making A Difference for Danielle

The opportunity to make a difference for Danielle was all a part of His plan.

Months before my trip to Jamaica this past July, I was on a mission to sponsor a child to go to school. Even though attending school is offered to all children of Jamaica, you must have the means to purchase uniforms, books, supplies and school lunches that is required. Many families in Jamaica struggle to afford this very basic opportunity for their children.

All of my efforts through emails, message boards and even folks I had met on prior trips to Jamaica to send a child to school just weren't working out. At one point I thought I had finally found someone who could help me accomplish my goal, but in the end I resigned myself to the fact that on this particular trip, it just wasn't going to happen.

I wasn't giving up, but I had decided that if it was meant to be than, with time, it would happen. I had so hoped to arrange a meeting with the family and child that I would sponsor so that it would be a more personal experience for both of us.

Now I know why I couldn't make it happen! God already had a plan in place.

During our trip we had made arrangements to visit Mayfield Falls, a beautiful sanctuary of nature in the mountains of Jamaica. On the 2 hour drive to Mayfield, we passed through many small towns and rural areas that were absent of all modern influence.

Our driver, Patrick, noticed a lady standing on the side of the road and asked if we would mind if he gave her a ride. Because we had hired and paid Patrick for our transportation, our ride there and back was chartered. Essentially this meant Patrick was our private guide for the day. Clearly Patrick was a giving person and his genorosity was apparent in his desire to offer a "free" ride to this lady.

Paulette stepped into the van. She was well dressed and soft spoken. She informed us that she was walking (in 97 degree HOT sun) to a teacher's meeting at the Blauwearie Primary School and she very much appreciated the ride.

Paulette and I spoke, exchanged addresses and telephone numbers and made big plans. I explained my goal of sponsoring a child in Jamaica. Paulette had the perfect candidate... 7 year old Danielle. Danielle was a student in Paulette's class at Blauwearie Primary School, but was only able to attend school part time because, like so many families in Jamaica, her family was not able to afford all of the uniforms and books she needed to go on a full time basis.

Joy of joys-I could help her go to school everyday!

The letter and photo you see here I recently received from Danielle. In her letter, 7 year old Danielle writes... "I am in the 3rd grade. I would like to thank you for the kind gesture to assist me in going to school. I'll make the best of this opportunity and make you and my mother proud."

God really does work in mysterious ways. That hot hot day in Jamaica on a trip to the mountains proved just how glorious He is. How He has all the plans in His hands and how if we just trust Him, it will all work out.

I cried tears of joy in the van that afternoon when we dropped Paulette off at the school. I knew right then and there just how much God loves me and loves us All. He's always got our back and He always has our best intentions in mind!

Thanks be to God for all of the blessings that he provides!


Amy Sullivan said...

That is so wonderful~
What a difference you are going to make for this beautiful & very smart little girl!
I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her ~ with your loving help.
Beautiful prayers were answered for Danielle & you~
I Love You ~Leslie~
You are AMaZinG!!!Love~Amy~

Bev's Jewelry said...

Where to start? I found your blog in the post you used to introduce your blog on Blog Catalog. I love your first post about helping the young girl go to school and then I scrolled down to your posts on Virginia Beach's Neptune Festival. We were there and watched you and others build your sculptures. We were amazed at all the work you did more or less just yourself. I have some pictures and posts on the Festival on my blog too. The pictures are not as good as yours though. Very glad to have found you.

WARSHOCK said...

Good job Leslie.. The world needs God's instruments like you.
Bloggers Unite!!