October 9, 2008

Natural Things

Nature is all around us. If we just STOP and take a look.

Throughout our daily lives we are offered so many natural and beautiful things. How is it that we don't see them?

Taking time to observe, watch and notice nature is quiet and reflective.

A child notices natural things right away. Why? Because they take the time to. As adults we get so caught up in life and living that we fail to notice the natural things.

...And they are provided to us all daily; free of charge, free of stress, and waiting there for us to notice.

Take the time today to look, notice, watch and observe. You'll be surprised just how much you will see and how wonderful you will feel once you do!


Lana Gramlich said...

Awesome post & so true...if people would only pause for a moment to look (particularly up,) smell or listen...they'd be surprised.

Leslie said...

I agree lana. We are all so busy just living that we forget to notice all the beautiful things all around us. I know that you notice-your photos are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.


The Century Times said...

Beautiful photos. Do they really exist around me too?